Administrative Resources

You can locate, download, and print registration and payment materials for all ccs program here. just select the specific type of info or form needed from any of the three universities through which we offer credit.

Brandman University Resource Links

CSS Payment Form for BU Courses

Registration Forms for BU Courses

Please note that the transcript order info at the bottom of a form may not be the correct url to use to order a transcript. Use the buttons below to connect to the correct internet location to order a transcript for a class you have taken either before or after February 1, 2010.

Watch a video about ordering Brandman Transcripts

Failure to comply with Brandman directions for ordering a transcript may prevent you from receiving one!

You should not order a transcript until after you have received confirmation notice of your registration from Brandman. Doing so will place your order on hold and complicate the process

The Transcript Order Sequence For Public Display is a multi-page document you can print out and refer to as an aid in completing the transcript order process.

Note: You received two emails from Brandman when you were officially registered in a class. Please refer to those emails for more information on how to order transcripts. To request a resend of the email which contained your Brandman username and password, please visit, then, click “Resend my Account Information Letter (New Users only)”.

Tuition Receipt Form 2012

University of California San Bernardino Resource Links

CSS Payment_Form For CSUSB Courses

Tuition Receipt Form